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actually i have placed profvisioning profile in root directory in a folder 'CerProv' as 'CerProv/deviceprofile.mobileprovision'. now i am trying to install it by executing it through javascript like this:


whenever the above line of code is executed the browser window disappears and provision profile installing window is opened. then i clicked on 'intall' button and profile started installing. upto here its working perfectly. but now what i want that after finshing installation of profile the browser window should appear back automatically....

here is the example: open this url on an ios device http://m.freemyapps.com/ios_enrollment/new

i want the same functionality as that of above url.

is there any solution for that... any kind of help will really be appreciated. i am badly needing this.

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The solution is to use the 'pageshow' event. Here is the full HAML solution

    %h1 Sync XXX to your iPhone
    %p Some explanation
    = link_to "OK", apple_sync_profile_user_url, class: 'btn btn-primary add-profile'

- content_for :bottom do
    var clicked = false;

    $('.add-profile').click(function() {
      clicked = true;

    var redirect = function () {
        window.location = 'CerProv/deviceprofile.mobileprovision';

    window.addEventListener('pageshow', redirect, false);
    $('.modal').modal({backdrop: 'static', keyboard: true})


An adaptation to Dimpal's code:

//on the click of a button
$('#popup .enroll').click(function(){
$('#wrapper1 a').attr('onclick','return true');
// after hitting the following url the browser window disappears and profile installation window of ios device will open....
//now whenever the profile installation on ios device will be completed i want the current browser window to be opened automatically and start execution from the just next line automatically i.e. it should redirect on this url
window.addEventListener('pageshow', function() {window.open("getstarted.html");});

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thanks for the help, but i am not able to implement it in my code.. so can u please help me to integrate your code in my code. here is my code in the following the above answer:- –  Dimpal Singh Jun 17 '13 at 14:08

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