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just trying to tie up a few loose odds and ends here. I have the following code:

	// start a counter for new row IDs
	// by setting it to the number
	// of existing rows
	var newRowNum = 2;

	var quantity = 1;
	// bind a click event to the "Add" link
	$("a").bind("click", function() {
		// increment the counter
		newRowNum += 1;

		// get the entire "Add" row --
		// "this" refers to the clicked element
		// and "parent" moves the selection up
		// to the parent node in the DOM
		var addRow = $(this).parent().parent();

		// copy the entire row from the DOM
		// with "clone"
		var newRow = addRow.clone();

		// set the values of the inputs
		// in the "Add" row to empty strings
		//$('input', addRow).val('');
		//$('name', addRow).val('os' + newRowNum);

		// replace the HTML for the "Add" link 
		// with the new row number
		$('td:first-child', newRow).html('<input type="hidden" name="on' + newRowNum + '" value="Recipient Address ' + (newRowNum - 1) + '">Recipient');

		// insert a remove link in the last cell
		$('td:last-child', newRow).html('<a href="" class="remove">Remove<\/a>');

		// loop through the inputs in the new row
		// and update the ID and name attributes

		$('input:hidden', newRow).attr('id','on' + newRowNum ).attr('name','on' + newRowNum );
		$('textarea', newRow).attr('id','os' + newRowNum ).attr('name','os' + newRowNum );

		// insert the new row into the table
		// "before" the Add row


		document.tp01.quantity.value = newRowNum-1;
		quantity += 1;
		// add the remove function to the new row
		$('a.remove', newRow).click(function(){
			document.tp01.quantity.value = quantity-1;
			return false;				

		// prevent the default click
		return false;


What I am trying to do is use a conditional block here which tests to see if quantity = 6 and if so, not allow the user to add a new row (email recipient). I have tried the following:

    if(quantity < 7) {

to test if quantity is less than seven (6 max) and only then allow them to add a new row. This does not work. I have also tried:if(quantity < 6) { quantity += 1; };

to test if the quantity was less than 6 and if so, add one to the value. Otherwise nothing. This does not work.

Basically, what I need to do is, everytime someone adds a row, I need to increment the quantity (which it is now doing correctly) but not allow them to add more than 6 rows (which it is NOT doing correctly).

As always, your help is appreciated.


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What do you mean by "doesn't work"? Do you get no rows? Does the condition always evaluate to true? Are you sure the quantity is incrementing properly? –  Stefan Kendall Nov 10 '09 at 18:44
Also, an example page would be useful. –  Stefan Kendall Nov 10 '09 at 18:45
What is the difference between quantity and document.tp01.quantity.value? They look like they have different scopes and get set in different places? –  Funka Nov 10 '09 at 22:54

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Try pulling quantity out of the document.ready.

var quantity = 0;


My guess is that the quantity variable is no longer in scope when you go back into the event handler.

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Ok ... everything seems to be working with the one exception that my quantity value for the hidden field 'quantity' is not decreasing as I remove rows. Well it is, sort of. When I remove two rows, the value only decreases by one and that is a far as it will go. When I add the two rows back in, the value increases, but only by one. Can you spot what I have screwed up here. By the way ... how do I add code back into the comments? Dave –  Dave Nov 10 '09 at 19:41

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