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I need a tool for comparing and merging two xml-files.


  • Handle large Files (> 50mb)
  • Collapse XmlNodes in UI
  • Support validation of files
  • merge files in both directions
  • edit files in ui

Any suggestions?

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I don't know an application that does exactly what you're requesting, I'm afraid, but until somebody else chips in with a better answer, two free tools I use pretty much every day, that in combination would do the trick, are:

XmlMarker DiffMerge

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Two 50mb xml files caused the tool to crash. –  crauscher Nov 10 '09 at 18:55

Take a look at Oxygen/XML. You can download a fully-functional 30-day trial. (No, I am not connected with the company)

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XMLMax will do this. It allows you to load multiple large xml files in separate instances because it uses at most 20mb memory per file. you can cut/copy/paste xml fragments between the documents. You need only select the start element, then Ctrl +C will copy the entire fragment, regardless of how large it is(tested to 10Gb). treeview is extremely fast even with multi-gigabyte size files. it supports schema and dtd validation, including inline dtd. Google it: xmlmax editor. 30 day trial has not limitations.

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