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But it's lie!

Good day to all! I have the following problem: when I trying open resource file PriceCalculationUI.rc Visual Studio 2008 tell me that file opened in another editor (in vs2008 I have only 1 openned tab with .cpp file). I checked this information: run Process Explorer and searched for PriceCalculationUI handle. In result nothing but devenv.exe that uses PriceCalculationUI directory.

What can I do next?

Thanks for any help!

Additional information: when I rebuild (not build) project I see dialog window with information that file PriceCalculationUI.rc was edited by another program.

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I have had problems with this error (also in Visual Studio 2010) even when I don't have the .rc file / resource.h file open.

The only way to fix this for me was to manually open both files in the text editor (sometimes I get a msg box "The document '[path]\resource.h' is already open. Do you want to close it? which I answer with Yes), close both the files and try to open the resource file in the resource view.

This MS Connect page suggests closing the solution, deleting the .suo file and reopening the solution.

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Hint: Use the "View Code" option in the .rc file's context menu in the solution explorer to open the .rc file in the VS text editor. – LThode Mar 28 at 18:49

Problem solved: PriceCalculationUI.rc was opened in VS2008 text editor (right button click on file in solution explorer --> View code) then it was saved and closed. That's all! When I restart VS2008 problem comes back but I know what to do. May be it due to Visual Assist X? I don't know.

P.S.: Thanks for your replies: communion leads to action!

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>>but I know what to do<< -- so what was the solution that worked for you? – Edward Clements Jun 14 '13 at 12:11
PriceCalculationUI.rc was opened in VS2008 text editor (right button click on file in solution explorer --> View code) then it was saved and closed. After that PriceCalculationUI.rc can be opened in Resource editor. – GrinderZ Jun 14 '13 at 12:12
ok, thanks (my answer said "...manually open both files in the text editor...") – Edward Clements Jun 14 '13 at 12:23
Yes, principle is the same, thanks. But I don't understand why problem comes back after restarting Visual Studio? – GrinderZ Jun 14 '13 at 12:30
Visual Studio bug? Hm. – GrinderZ Jun 14 '13 at 12:36

If you encounter this issue, you will need to:

  1. close .rc, resource.h files opened inside Visual Studio and outside.
  2. collapse items in VS "Resource View" tab to give VS a chance to refresh.
  3. Try to expand .rc again from "Resource View" tab

The reason VS gives this error, I believe is that VS will automatically update these files. If you open any of these file in an editor, VS thinks there will a chance for conflict. So it gives you an error. Sometime it is a little misleading because VS appears don't know the .rc, and resource.h files are opened by itself. VS shoots itself's foot in this case.

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Close all opened files in VS. Then I am able to open rc file.

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Here is another possibility - that you have manually edited the resource.h file, say to add a new #define, but omitted to update _APS_NEXT_CONTROL_VALUE, for example, to define a new control, I added the line

#define IDC_LIST_MAINWIN 1003

but forgot to amend the line




Once I made the change, the problem disappeared.

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  1. Close all projects in VS.
  2. Close the VS.
  3. Reopen VS with blank project.
  4. Open resource file solely.
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Just open .rc file manually in visual studio

Right click on .rc file and click on Open

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This worked for me:

  1. close all instances of Visual Studio
  2. delete project .aps file.
  3. re-open project.

If above doesn't work, for step 2, delete all project temp vs files.

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