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I have some code that references an outside DLL which in production will be loaded by a factory. The DLL shouldn't be referenced directly by my assembly, it will be loaded at runtime using Assembly.Load().

This all works just fine, but when it comes to debugging, I want to be able to step through the library as if I'd referenced it using something like new MyConcreteObject().

I know that I can use #if #endif to compile code differently in debug/release - but can I also have a reference that is only attached in debug/release?

If I can, and that is how I should do this, how do I go about it? If not, how should I be going about this?

Currently I have:

public class ObjectFactory
    public IObject CreateObject(string objectType)
        /* Code to load and return the concrete object specified in the app.config */

public class Program
    public void Main(string[] args)
        IObject obj = ObjectFactory.CreateObject("MyObject, MyObjectLibrary");

So now I want to step through the code for the "DoYourStuff()" method and I don't want to have to comment out the line that loads my object and replace it with:

IObject obj = new MyObject();

Which then requires a project reference pointing to the MyObjectLibrary DLL that will require I remove the reference and uncomment out the CreateObject() call and instead comment out the line that new's up the concrete object.

Make sense?

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As long as the PDB files are available, I haven't had to do anything for debugging to work. – David Nov 10 '09 at 18:51

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You don't need to have a reference in VS to debug anything. As long as you have the pdbs for the dynamically-loaded module available (either in the original build location or in the directory with the code you're debugging), it'll debug just fine. Just set the breakpoints normally in VS- if it's working, you should see the breakpoint turn solid in VS when the pdb for the module in question is loaded. Check the modules window if not.

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I can't believe I didn't know that... thanks – BenAlabaster Nov 10 '09 at 19:01

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