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The code is as below

@echo off
if exist c:\programdata\intel\pre (
    if exist c:\Locker (
        move c:\Locker c:\programdata\intel
        rename c:\programdata\intel\Locker UI
        attrib c:\programdata\intel\UI +h +s
    ) else (
        echo Enter the password of the locker:- 
        set /p pass1=
        echo %pass1% )

Now when I enter the password as "1234" it displays "echo is off", but when I execute the below code in a separate file, it executes correctly,

set /p pass1=
echo %pass1%

This behavior of the batch program is just driving me nuts, kindly guide me through.....

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Use this with delayed expansion:

echo !pass1!
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thanks a lot, it worked. – John11 Jun 14 '13 at 6:58

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