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i often used rich-faces for makes a user interface, recently i passed at vaadin. Now i'm looking for a vertical menù in vaadin, is there this kind of compontent?

Rich-faces has the followed:


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If you're using vaadin 6.2+, you can use this add-on :


But I suppose you are using vaadin 7, so you could probably achieve the same result either by

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Unfortunately vaadin provides only a menubar.

If you have experience in html and css, you can create your own vertical menu and then use vaadin CustomLayout to embed it in a panel.

For example you can try something like this.

You should create an html file:

<table width="100%" height="100%">
  <tr height="100%">
      <table align="center">
          <td align="left">Menu 1</td>
          <td><div location="menu1"></div></td>
          <td align="right">Menu2</td>
          <td><div location="menu2"></div></td>

Then you should embed it in vaadin in this way:

// Have a Panel where to put the custom layout.
Panel panel = new Panel("Menu");

// Create custom layout from "yourfile.html" template.
CustomLayout custom = new CustomLayout("layoutname");

//the style name refers the one you should define in css

// Use it as the layout of the Panel.

// Create a few components and bind them to the location tags
// in the custom layout.
TextField menu1 = new TextField();
custom.addComponent(menu1, "menu1");

TextField menu2 = new TextField();
custom.addComponent(menu2, "menu2");

Pay attention at binding location name with component name.

If you want to add some javascript to xml (for open/close menu elements) you should write it directly in tag attribute.

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