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I am trying to create a page with a nested layout as explained in the rails guides. Problem is that after creating the nested pages, the loading of the nested pages is slowed down a lot because it seems not to be compatible with turbolinks. Has anyone got a solution for this?

As an example I have a the basic layouts/application layout and in addition for admin pages I have a few more buttons added so this is added to a separate layouts/admins layout. Linking to the pages which use the admins layout takes a very long time because all the assets are being reloaded (it is not using turbo links).

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Have you thought about using the same layout? but for the extra admin buttons doing something like => <input type="submit"> unless admin – Goose Ninja Jun 17 '13 at 18:35
the layouts are for pages that display admin tables, so the rows of the table are the view and the table itself would be in the layout, this solution would make the layout very heavy with ifs... – Nayish Jun 18 '13 at 4:10
I'm having the same problem, was a solution ever found for this? – daslicious Jul 30 at 20:32
My solution would be to not use rails for templating and instead do templating client side with angular and something like ui router – Nayish Jul 31 at 2:30

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Turbo links, is in my opinion not a very good solution to a performance problem. But since you seem stuck with it, have you considered caching your resources to speed up the loading of them?

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