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From javadoc

Each thread holds an implicit reference to its copy of a thread-local variable as long as the thread is alive and the ThreadLocal instance is accessible; after a thread goes away, all of its copies of thread-local instances are subject to garbage collection (unless other references to these copies exist).

from that it seems that objects referenced by a ThreadLocal variable are garbage collected only when thread dies. But what if ThreadLocal variable a is no more referenced and is subject for garbage collection? Will object references only by variable a be subject to garbage collection if thread that holds a is still alive?

for example there is following class with ThreadLocal variable:

public class Test {
    private static final ThreadLocal a = ...; // references object b

This class references some object and this object has no other references to it. Then during context undeploy application classloader becomes a subject for garbage collection, but thread is from a thread pool so it does not die. Will object b be subject for garbage collection?

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ThreadLocal variables are hold in Thread

ThreadLocal.ThreadLocalMap threadLocals;

which is initialized lazily on first ThreadLocal.set/get invocation in the current thread and holds reference to the map until Thread is alive. However ThreadLocalMap uses WeakReferences for keys so its entries may be removed when ThreadLocal is referenced from nowhere else. See ThreadLocal.ThreadLocalMap javadoc for details

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If the ThreadLocal itself is collected because it's not accessible anymore (there's an "and" in the quote), then all its content can also be collected, depending on whether it's also referenced somewhere else. The ThreadLocal is not referenced by the threads, it references the threads: think of ThreadLocal<T> as a WeakHashMap<Thread, T>.

In your example, if the classloader is collected, it will unload the Test class as well (unless you have a memory leak), and the ThreadLocal a will be collected.

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ThreadLocal contains a reference to a WeakHashMap that holds key-value pairs

enter image description here

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It depends, it will not be garbage collected if your are referencing it as static or by singleton and your class is not unloaded, that is why in application server environment and with ThreadLocal values, you have to use some listener or request filter the be sure that you are dereferencing all thread local variables at the end of the request processing. Or either use some Request scope functionality of your framework.

You can look here for some other explanations.

EDIT: In the context of a thread pool as asked, of course if the Thread is garbaged thread locals are.

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Not correct. ThreadLocal variables are eligible for GC when the thread is. –  EJP Jun 14 '13 at 10:08
@EJP yes, i was answering in the question context with thread pools: but thread is from a thread pool –  gma Jun 14 '13 at 11:59

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