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I tested webgl app (based on Three.JS), got this message:

"WebGLRenderer: too many bones - 80, this GPU supports just 58 (try OpenGL instead of ANGLE)"

Help from Three.JS communiti:

  1. For google chrome "solution": "run chrome with the --use-gl=desktop command-line argument."
  2. For firefox "solution": "Just switch the about:config preference webgl.prefer-native-gl to true."
  3. In IE app not work at all. (because webgl not supported until windows 8.1 will come)

All work fine after "switching".

But can i use in my app something like "force OpenGL" - to ensure that users will not have to do anything extra for that application would be earned?

P.S. ANGLE - "Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine"

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The same problem appears on that Three.js example: – user1338054 Jun 28 '13 at 14:53
On Win 8.1 Preview problem appears on GTX 560 TI o_O – user1338054 Jun 28 '13 at 14:55
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Nope. The WebGL rendering API is for the whole browser, not something you can set from a webpage.

Best you can do is give the user clear, easy to understand instructions to change the setting.

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