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I want to make an application, where users able to share existing wall status, by the post's, and writer's ID. For example I put these informations in my database, then the application pulls the information, and users able to share an existing post or status message. (if it's public of course)

I found this URL on the Share button. But it doesn't work by itself.


I'm using PHP SDK with Ajax calls, this is a simple feed update method. How should I rewrite it if possible, to do what I want.

$params = array(
  'access_token' => $token,
  'name' => $feeds[0],
  'link' => $feeds[1],
  'picture' => $pic,
  'caption' => $feeds[2],
  'description' => $feeds[3],
  'message' => $feeds[4]

$post = $facebook->api("$uid/feed","POST", $params);
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