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I have following problem: I generate a CategoryChart with 2 value axises. The application lets the user define the inspected time intervall. At the range axis i display a tick at each day and the value of course. When the user picks a large interval these ticks and their labels (the dates) clutter and nobody can read them. How can i print the value in the chart but hide the tick and its label. I would like to show only every second label, or so, but print the value in the chart. Here is my code. By the way i work for prism and need a quick fix for obama. ;)

JFreeChart myChart = ChartFactory.createLineChart(X_AXIS_LABEL_TOP, X_AXIS_LABEL_BOTTOM,

        final CategoryPlot myPlot = myChart.getCategoryPlot();
        myPlot.setBackgroundPaint(new Color(0xEE, 0xEE, 0xFF));

        final CategoryDataset countDataSet = createCountDataset();
        myPlot.setDataset(1, countDataSet);
        myPlot.mapDatasetToRangeAxis(1, 1);
        final CategoryAxis domainAxis = myPlot.getDomainAxis();
        // valueAxis is for cummulated
        final ValueAxis valueAxis2 = new NumberAxis(Y_AXIS_LABEL_RIGHT);
        myPlot.setRangeAxis(1, valueAxis2);
        final LineAndShapeRenderer countRenderer = new LineAndShapeRenderer();
        countRenderer.setBaseLinesVisible(false); //Turn of the lines
        myPlot.setRenderer(1, countRenderer);

        String pattern;
        TickUnitSource tickUnits = NumberAxis.createIntegerTickUnits(mapDataParameter.getLocale());
        pattern = "##";

        DecimalFormat decimalFormat = (DecimalFormat) NumberFormat.getNumberInstance(mapDataParameter.getLocale());

        initializePlotValues(getRestrictionHistoryMap().size(), decimalFormat, tickUnits);

        getPlot().getRenderer().setSeriesPaint(1, (COUNTCOLOR));
        getPlot().getRenderer().setSeriesItemLabelPaint(1, (Color.GREEN));
        Color greyColor = new Color(238, 238, 238);

This is like it does look at the moment. I needed to black some things out, because its company data. Maybe somebody had a simmilar problem?

Look at the many many ticks and labels on x-axis. Hm i somehow need 10 reputation to post images. This is ridiculous. Anyways here is the chart: i dont care about reputation, i dont want to make 43k posts. Maybe someone can remove this limit?

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your question is a total mess, but whatever, check this previous question: Link – moeTi Jun 14 '13 at 9:37
so it is not possible to skip some ticks with a category plot? – Stimpy Jun 14 '13 at 11:49
Its getting more and more complicated, i need reputation to answer my own question. Its not a feature its a bug. Anyways here it is: As you can see at the images everything works fine. – Stimpy Jun 14 '13 at 13:38

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