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I want to design User Control flow of HTML elements (like enabled/Disabled drop-down box) as shown in diagram.enter image description here

This is a rough Diagram, but I want to use a formal approch.

What Diagram could I use??

Need :

  1. I want this way of representing to avoid redundancy in coding.
  2. Also, tomorrow if my need to change my code, I could easily refer this diagram.

And, My Diagram should include condition checking too.

Example : Enable the text-box only when drop-box value is "others".

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@nakosspy Ya! I searched a lot., but never saw that question. ya its a duplicate. I agree. –  Muthu Ganapathy Nathan Jun 14 '13 at 10:07
And also stackoverflow.com/questions/1611881/… –  nakosspy Jun 14 '13 at 10:08

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The closer to what you want to do sounds like a UML sequence diagram. You can use conditions there as well. As regarding how much this will allow you to avoid redudancy in your code, I believe that good modeling lead to better coding, so do the diagram and then I guess you will have a better way to implement your code.

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