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I am trying to write a script to automatically upload files to a sftp server. My problem is authentication.

  • I know it is not possible to store a password in a bash script for sftp.
  • I can't use keys because the admin of the server won't allow me.
  • I don't want to use any extras (sshpass/expect) because I can't guarantee they will be on the machine I'm using (the script are wanted so that the processes are not tied down to a particular machine).

Manual entry of the password is not a problem I just need to get the script to wait for the user to put the password in. At the minute when I run the script it opens terminal, prompts for the password, but when this is entered nothing else happens. If I enter the lines of code manual after it uploads everything correctly.

cd /remote_directory
lcd /local_directory
put some_file.txt
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2 Answers

Use a batch file, say commands.ftp, containing the commands you want to execute after connecting to the server. Assume that it contains:

cd /remote_directory
lcd /local_directory
put some_file.txt

Invoke sftp by passing the file as an argument:

sftp -b commands.ftp user@host

You'll be prompted for a password, and the commands within the file would be executed upon successful authentication.

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Thanks for the reply. I will give this a go later. But when you say batch file is this simply a text document, or do I need to do anything special with it (save it with a particular extension, make it executable, does it need the #!bin/bash/ start, etc)? –  Jingles Jun 28 '13 at 10:59
Batch file here denotes a text file containing ftp commands. –  devnull Jun 28 '13 at 11:01
Thanks for the speedy reply! Unfortunately I still can't get this to work. I now have three files in my home directory: 1. connect.sh (Shell script with sftp command) #!/bin/bash sftp -b ~/upload.txt user@host 2. upload.txt (Batch file with sftp commands) cd /remote_directory lcd /local_directory put test.html 3. test.html (simple html file to test upload has worked) If I run connect.sh I just the following: $ ./connect.sh Permission denied (publickey,password). Connection closed $ Any thoughts? I tried putting the password in the batch file, that doesn't help. –  Jingles Jun 28 '13 at 13:40
You say: Permission denied (publickey,password). Can you sftp otherwise? –  devnull Jun 28 '13 at 13:42
I'm not sure I follow. –  Jingles Jun 28 '13 at 13:47
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After months of looking for an answer I have finally found the solution. It was in a comment on an answer in some other thread I can't even remember. Hope this can help others out there.

Your bash script should look like this and will connect to the sftp server, prompt the user for the password, and then execute the remaining commands.


sftp user@server <<!
cd /the/remote/directory
lcd /your/local/directory
put/get some.file
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