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I am trying to debug an Inkscape Extension with PyDev.

But I ran into some trouble setting the Python Interpreter. Inkscape itself includes Python 2.6.5. So here is what I tried: Window > Preferences > PyDev > Interpreter-Python > New ... For "Interpreter Executable" I set: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Inkscape\python\python.exe"

This leads to following Error message: "Unable to get info on interpreter"

When I did some research I first thought the problem were the spaces in "Program Files (x86)". But this issue seems to have been fixed with PyDev.

Now I think the problem might be with Inkscape. The python.exe in the described path does not execute, because python26.dll is missing. This does not stop Inkscape nor its extensions from working, though. However this might be why PyDev cannot use this interpreter.

Should I try to download python26.dll and add it manually (where should I put it)? Or is it something else?

I appreciate your help! Thank you!

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