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The problem is as follows. I have a directive which builds some table, and i use ng-repeat to construct table rows dynamicly. Each row has two buttons for editing and deleting accordingly. I look for action with ng-click, but how then transform a cell with static text into a cell with an input field in angular way? I know how to do it with jquery. I look around with ng-switch, but i can't get it works inside ng-repeat on a table cell as expected. My code:



return {
    restrict: 'A',
    link: function($scope,element, attrs){

        $scope.editLine = function(line,order_id){
           // alert ('Edit';
          some code here to perform transformation

        $scope.deleteLine = function(idx){
            var line_to_delete = $scope.order.lines[idx]
            $'/delete/line?id=' +'&order_id='+${
                  $scope.order = data.ord;
                  $scope.order.customer = data.customer;
                  $scope.order.lines = data.lines;
                  var res = calculateTotalQtyService.set(data.lines);
                  $scope.total_kg = res[0];
                  $scope.total_piece = res[1];


    replace: true

and HTML

    <div class="span12 fiche" id="lines">
     <table class="table table-bordered" id="order_lines">
        <thead class="header_lines">
        <th>Prix HT</th>
        <th>Total HT</th>
        <tbody ng-switch="lines.length">
        <tr id="no_record" ng-switch-when="0"><th colspan="9"  style="text-align: center" >No records</th></tr>
        <tr ng-repeat="line in order.lines">
            <td class='line-ref'>{{line.product_ref}}</td>
            <td class='line-tva'>{{line.tva}}</td>
            <td class='line-qty'>{{line.qty}}</td>
            <td class='line-unity'>{{line.unity}}</td>
            <td class='line-prix_ht'>{{line.prix_ht}}</td>
            <th class='control-buttons'>
                <button  class='btn editline' ng-click="editLine(line,"><i class='icon-edit'></i></button>
                <button class='btn deleteline' ng-click="deleteLine($index)"><i class='icon-trash'></i> </button>

So html is a template, that i use in directive. How perform transformation ? with ng-switch? but how, or there are other solutions ? I want to avoid jquery if it's possible. Any help would be appreciated.

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So I got it with a custom directive, inspired by @laut3rry. For those who would be interested this is my solution:


order.directive('editable', function(){

return {
    restrict : 'E',
    replace : true,
    template: '<div><span ng-hide="editMode">{{line.qty}</span><input class="span1" ng-show="editMode" type="text" ng-model="line.qty"/></div>',

    link : function(scope, element, attrs){



And in HTML, in my example it's for a qty cell only, that I need to change, but we can use it with any cell and with a little bit of modification, for example by passing cell value in the attribute of the directive and it can be universal:

<td class='line-qty'><editable></editable></td>

In my controller I initialize $scope.editMode = false the cell isn't editable by default and then in the ng-click="editLine()" handler we change $scope.editMode = true and the cell transforms in to the input field. So directives and directives and once more directives.... :)

For those who is interested, here the link to the plunk plunk

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any chance you could create a fiddle/plunk with this demo? – FutuToad Dec 24 '13 at 11:18
@FutuToad I'm apologise, may be a little bit late, but it's Christmas holidays yet :), I have updated my answer with a plunker link, hope this helps. – arussinov Jan 1 '14 at 16:04
nice one thanks!! its great – FutuToad Jan 2 '14 at 10:36

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