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I have already one site, for that I have created one mobile site using jquery mobile with application cache features. (Both have same urls)

Using apache2 userAgent settings I redirected to mobile site for (Android and Iphone).

When It redirected to mobile site, I get below error:

Application Cache Error event: Manifest fetch failed (404)


# version 1


main site:

mobile site open directly but using redirection it give 404 error randomly.

Please suggest any solution.

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One thing wrong with your manifest. You need a colon after CACHE.

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Is your redirect using code something like this?


I see similar issues if I use bookmarks to some of my pages rather than $.mobile.changePage.

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404 is standard for the page not existing. My guess is your link is incorrect or you might have forgotten to upload your manifest file.

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Maybe your paths should start without / that's often the case for me, even if the first element is a folder. But you've probably already checked that.

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In my case I was able to make it working like


I had the 404 error when it was like:


so without : in the NETWORK section.

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