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I just started with ObjectListView, and I am trying to replace the ListView I used before in my application. I managed to build a list using the following type I made:

public class Record
    public bool IsActive = true;

    public Record(string barcode, string info, string desc)
        this.barcode = barcode;
        this.info = info;
        this.desc = desc;

    private string Barcode
        get { return barcode; }
        set { barcode = value; }

    private string barcode;

    private string Info
        get { return info; }
        set { info = value; }

    private string info;

    private string Desc
        get { return desc; }
        set { desc = value; }

    private string desc;

This seems to work so far and I managed to populate a list of this type with 830 entries.

When I try to fill the OLV with this list using OLV.SetObjects(list), however, OLV freaks out and spams the following exception in the debug output, never ending:

A first chance exception of type 'BrightIdeasSoftware.MungerException' occurred in ObjectListView.dll

I can't seem to retrieve more information on this exception, unfortunately, and google isn't really telling me anything either.

The columns I use in my OLV have the aspectnames "barcode", "info" and "desc". I hope this is the right way to use OLV, as I find the documentation rather confusing and have a hard time understanding it at all - the demo project isn't much help either.

Why is this exception thrown, how can I prevent it and am I doing this OLV thing correctly?

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Answer: The properties are set to private, and they should've been public. Once I switched that around, all was well.

Credit goes to drch on the C# chat for this amazing answer.

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