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As we know, photos can be obtained by fql query of photo table (Or we can get it by "/user id/album" and "/album id/photo"). This way leads good results when a query for me or my friends id is issued. But, in case of others, it does not work.

For example, Let's assume that there is a user(whom name is 'anonymous' and facebook ID is '1234567') in Facebook. 'anonymous' is not my friend and he has 3 photos for his profile. The profile photos is shown for me when I access it by Facebook web-site. But, It just informs me one photo only when I query it by fql(or graph API). If I do not have enough authentication for access in my access token, it should report nothing(or report an error). So, my access token is no problem.

Is there anyone faced with this issue?

I can not make sure whether if there is no way to access all profile photos or I miss something.

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Not everything that is accessible via the website is available for you per API as well – especially when it comes to content by users you have no friendship connection with. – CBroe Jun 14 '13 at 12:15
Why are so interested in the pics of the non-friends? This isn't provided by the fb API. You can just fetch the active profile pic of the user, that too if its visiblw – Sahil Mittal Jun 14 '13 at 12:24
Thank you Sahil for editing my text(I am sorry for my poor English). I want to make sure that the FB API does not provide this feature. But I can not find any text in FB API doc that this feature is not provided. Would you mind if you infom me the address of website containing text about this feature? – chun Jun 16 '13 at 4:36

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