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I have multiple tables with rows of check boxes and want to perform a select all if the header check box is selected. I am trying to do this with jQuery without parsing or passing in the table id. Currently I am hitting all the check boxes when I select one header check box.

All checkboxes have the same class, but I am sure there is a way to do this by limiting the selection of check boxes to the table that the selected check box is in. I have this laid out in a fiddle:


checkBoxes = function (me) {

     $(".dpsPreCode").closest("table [type='checkbox']").each(function () {
         if (this.checked === false) {
             this.checked = true;
         } else {
             this.checked = false;
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You're passing the checkbox as me, so if you use that to find the closest table, it should work :

checkBoxes = function (me) {
    $(me).closest("table").find('input[type="checkbox"]').not(me).prop('checked', me.checked);


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That works perfectly. I knew I was just missing something simple. Thanks! –  Popo Jun 14 '13 at 12:39

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