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I am using ImageMagick library for image manipulation. I need to load a 'bmp' image, convert it to jpeg, load it in a buffer and send it across the network.

However, I am not able to find any supporting function in ImageMagick which can convert and store data in buffer. I am only able to write in file. Tried using Magick::Blob but still of no use.

Following code is used to load, convert and write in file:

Magick::Image img("Sample.bmp");


Used Magick::Blob as:

Magick::Blob myBlob;
const void *myData =;

But here I can't convert myData to const char* buffer without any loss.

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What did you try with Blob that didn't work ? – Sander De Dycker Jun 14 '13 at 12:39
Why do you want to convert to const char*? It is a buffer you want to send over a network. No matters whether it is a void * or a char *. You only need a pointer to the beginning of the buffer, and the size of this buffer. – Matthieu Rouget Jun 14 '13 at 12:52

Did you try :

Magick::Image img("Sample.bmp");

Blob blob; 
img.magick( "JPEG" )
img.write( &blob );

// Then access blob's data with
sendJpegImage(, blob.length())

With void sendJpegImage(void* data, size_t length) being your data sending function.

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The documentation suggests to Use to_blob to write to a String . Did you do that? If so how that did fail?

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Thanks a lot for the answers. My existing socket connection accepts string stream at both ends. That's why I needed const char*. Found conversion function base64() in Magick::Blob which returns string. This solved my problem. For reference, the final code becoms:

Magick::Image img("Sample.bmp");
Magick::Blob blob; 
img.magick( "JPEG" )
img.write( &blob );
std::string myStr = myBlob.base64();
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So bad you did not explain that you needed a character string at the end. Your question is store data in buffer not store data in character stream... – Matthieu Rouget Jun 14 '13 at 13:40

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