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I want to download OpenWRT Attitude Adjustment (12.09, r36088).

How can this be done using git ?

I tried using

svn co -r 36088 svn://

It downloads the packages etc and says Checked out revision 36088 and then I run a

scripts/feed update -a

but when I type make menuconfig, on the top it says:

OpenWrt Barrier Breaker (r36085) Configuration

and also when I do:

scripts/feed search batman

I get no results for batmand and kmod-batman-adv. Instead I get only this result:

webif-batman                XWrt BATMAN mesh plugin

So what am I doing wrong here? Thanks.

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You download Development branch, not Attitude Adjustment. Try:

svn co -r 36088  svn://
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If you want to use git and Attitude Adjustment try to get the source like this:

git clone git://

You will get the highest version of Attitude Adjustment:

OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment (r42647) Configuration

Exit from menuconfig and use git log to search for the revision r36088. You will find a commit with the id of b812c102d1382e7073d164255ffe070b668033d4

git checkout b812c102d1382e7073d164255ffe070b668033d4

Now check in your menuconfig again, there should be OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment (r36088) Configuration.

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