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I have a script block in my ASP.Net file, where I should access javascript of an external control. This doesn't seem to work at all, I tried all the solutions I found on the web, but probably I'm not searching for the right stuff. As far as I've seen the src attribute in the script tag would do the work, but I can't have own code and this src attribute it seems.

Interesting enough, it works proper when I just call the javascript function from the event. Something like this:


<stgwc:ImageLinkButton runat="server" ID="ImageLinkButton1" ImageUrl="~/Images/base/Icons/16x16/brush1.png" OnClientClick="GridRowEnterEditMode(this, 'EditRole'); return false;" />

And my approach was:

<stgwc:ImageLinkButton runat="server" ID="btnEditRole" ImageUrl="~/Images/base/Icons/16x16/brush1.png" OnClientClick="EnterRolesEditMode(this.id); return false;" />

function EnterRolesEditMode(btnClientId) {
    var grd = document.getElementById('dgrRoles');
    var btn = document.getElementById(btnClientId);
    grd.GridRowEnterEditMode(btn, 'EditRole');
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There may be several things wrong here. Do you get any errors on the JavaScript console in your browser? For example, does this.id have the value you expect? It looks like you don't even need this.id since all you do with it is document.getElementById(value). You can just pass this and skip that step. – David Jun 14 '13 at 13:00
Hello, yeah this.id gets me the id of the button? I need to do this since I access this function from the code behind as well. Ofc I could make 2 functions, but I dont think it solves the error since I get the response the GridRowEnterEditMode is unknown. – Matthias Müller Jun 14 '13 at 13:19
Where is GridRowEnterEditMode defined? You're trying to call it on a DOM element, which probably isn't correct. Based on the naming convention, it looks like a server-side function. If that's the case then JavaScript can't call it directly. – David Jun 14 '13 at 13:43
Hello, the GridRowEnterEditMode is a Javascript function definied in the external control javaScript. – Matthias Müller Jun 17 '13 at 7:37
Hello there, sorry for double post: I dont need object.Function, just calling the function is enought. I'm quite unsure what will happen if i define more than one dataGrid object per ASP.Net page but in this case it works fine. Thanks for the help so far! – Matthias Müller Jun 17 '13 at 8:07

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