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I am using Codeception to run three acceptance tests which basically are as follows:-

  • Check the email address '' exists
  • Create a new user account
  • Login to the website

Obviously this requires the database so I have added 'Db' to the list of modules in the acceptance.suite.yml, however the generation of the report takes sometime, is this normal or do I have something wrong with my setup?

Below is the report (and time taken for each according to the html file it is generating)

  • check account exists (AdminCept.php) (0.01s)
  • create new user account (CreateUserCept.php) (19.1s)
  • log in to the website (LoginCept.php) (21.72s)

Approx 40 seconds in total (although the command line states 1:02 - I guess as it replaces the mock database dump.sql back into the database as well) Can anybody shed any light on the matter?

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Not really an answer but closing this off - simply put the report generation takes time.

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