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(js newbie here)

I have overloaded the RESTAdapter:

  The default RESTAdapter in the application.

  An instance of this object will be created automatically.

MyApp.Adapter = DS.RESTAdapter.extend({
    ajax: function(url, type, hash) {
        var ajax_reply = this._super(url, type, hash);
        console.log('ajax_reply (promise) -> '); console.log(ajax_reply);
        return ajax_reply;

Now I get the promise which I can see in the console:


I would like to hook into the .then method so that I can show the json data returned by the ajax call, but without interferring in the workings of the RESTAdapter. For example, the RESTAdapter.find method is:

  find: function(store, type, id) {
    var root = this.rootForType(type), adapter = this;

    return this.ajax(this.buildURL(root, id), "GET").
        adapter.didFindRecord(store, type, json, id);
    }).then(null, DS.rejectionHandler);

I would like to see in the console all the json replies passed via the .then method. How can I "hook" into the promise?

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Something like this should work:

MyApp.Adapter = DS.RESTAdapter.extend({
  ajax: function(url, type, hash) {
    var ajaxPromise = this._super(url, type, hash);
    return ajaxPromise;
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To log all .ajax() responses, do what @LukeMelia suggests.

To log the response to a particular MyApp.Adapter.ajax() call, try :

MyApp.Adapter.ajax(url, type, hash).then(function(json) {
}, function() {
    console.log('.ajax error');
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