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I have an array of this format:

array [ object{key1: v1, key2: v2}, object{key1: v3, key2: v4} ]

right now, to change the value of each object, where it is key is lets say, key1 to v2, I am looping over each object, like this

for(var i=0;i<array.length;i++){
   array[i][key1] = v2;

is there a faster way of doing this? for example is it possible to pass an array instead of i like so

 i= [0,1];
 array[i][key1] = v2;
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One way is using map():

var arr = [ {key1: 'v1', key2: 'v2'}, {key1: 'v3', key2: 'v4'} ];
arr = arr.map(function(x) { x.key1 = 'foo'; return x; });

// arr is now: [ {key1: 'foo', key2: 'v2'}, {key1: 'foo', key2: 'v4'} ];

The above code will change the value corresponding to the key 'key1' of each object in the array.

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lets say the name of the key was stored in some variable (var J) how would I implement this –  user2414932 Jun 14 '13 at 15:09
Then you'd replace x.key1 with x[j] inside map() –  techfoobar Jun 14 '13 at 16:52

Used the following approach :

var arr = [{'key1' : 5, 'key2' : 4},{'key1' : 3, 'key2' : 4}];

arr.map(function(x){ x['key1'] = 20 ;})


// output will be [{'key1' : 20, 'key2' : 4},{'key1' : 20, 'key2' : 4}];

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