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I'm writing a Tornado Rest API and I'm using mongoengine as an ODM. I would like to keep things as decoupled as possible. The reason I dont want my code right in the handler is I would like to make some functions async.

Would this be the best way to do this?: (Just psuedocode)

class UserSearchHandler(BaseHandler):

   def get(self):
     q = self.get_argument("query",strip=True)
     results = yield gen.Task(,q)
Inside Mongoengine
  class User(Docuement):
     first_name = StringField(max_length=50)
     last_name = StringField(max_length=50)

     def search(q,callback=None):
         if callback != None:
            return callback(User.objects(..magic))
         return User.objects(....)
         ...return some search query as json

Does it make sense to add member functions to an ODM?

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Never tried it - but I'd like to hear about how that goes for you! – Ross Jun 14 '13 at 15:26

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