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I'm new at Crystal Reports and still learning so I'm wondering how I should do this. I have the following stored procedure:

CREATE PROCEDURE GetSurveyAnswerDetail
(@Question VARCHAR(255) = NULL, @AllowReportFlag CHAR(1) = NULL)
    SET @rc = 1

    IF (@Question IS NULL OR DATALENGTH(@Question) = 0
    	OR @AllowReportFlag IS NULL OR DATALENGTH(@AllowReportFlag) = 0)
    	RAISERROR('GetSurveyAnswerDetail is missing parameters.', 16, 1)
    		DECLARE @AllowReport VARCHAR(100)
    		IF (@AllowReportFlag = 'N')
    			SET @AllowReport = ' AllowReport = ''Y'' AND '
    			SET @AllowReport = ''

    		DECLARE @SQLStatement VARCHAR(5000)
    		SET @SQLStatement = 'SELECT COUNT(' + @Question + ') FROM tblSurveyAnswer WHERE ' + @AllowReport + @Question + ' != '''' GROUP BY ' + @Question + ' ORDER BY ' + @Question + ' DESC'
    		EXEC (@SQLStatement)

    		IF @@ERROR <> 0
    			RAISERROR('GetSurveyAnswerDetail has failed. Question may not exist.', 16, 1)
    			SET @rc = 0

This returns a list of numbers. What I'd like to do is create a pie chart from these numbers in Crystal Reports. I know you can set your data source from a stored procedure but when I do this, there are no fields I can choose. I'm probably going about this the wrong way so I'd appreciate any comments.

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What is your problem? – dotjoe Nov 10 '09 at 21:17
Hi dotjoe, I've edited the question a bit to make it more clear what my problem is. Thanks. – Michael Nov 12 '09 at 21:16
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Michael, try making your stored procedure return a table. My guess is that you don't see any fields because you aren't returning any. Change the return line to

SELECT @rc AS Result

This should show you the Result as a field in the Report. I'm not sure that you can run the proc individually on a loop to manufacture a pie-chart. You may need to return all the data you want out of one stored procedure.

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+1 he does exec that dynamic sql...but that's still only going to be 1 number. – dotjoe Nov 12 '09 at 21:45
precisely dotjoe. It should be trivial to make a version of this that iterates through a value list and provides the entire dataset at one shot. – theo Nov 12 '09 at 22:22

There must be a select query that is not hiding behind an if statement. If you stored procedure is:

If @question = 'Y'
    SET @SQLStatement = 'select field from table where condition='OK'
    EXEC (@SQLStatement)

In this example no fields will be shown. Change it to:

If @question = 'Y'
    SET @SQLStatement = 'select field from table where condition='OK'
    select field from table where condition='impossiblecondition'

In this example it will work and fields will be shown.

I create a dummy parameter like @question and pass the 'Y'.

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