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I'm trying to implement a Sunspot-search: My model "Photo" has_many "Categories" :through "Tags". So the search should be able to look for a photo's name and with the possibility to search for only those, that are tagged with a certain category- with the params looking like such:
search?name=aaa&categories=bbb+ccc ...which, as an example, should give all photos with aaa in the name and that are tagged with bbb and/or ccc

The problem lies in the searchable block in the photo.rb-model. I can't figure out, how to set things up and there seems to be no help for has_many :through connections available.

Currently I'm stuck with


searchable do
  text :name
  integer :tag_ids, :multiple => true, :references => Tag do |p|
  integer :category_ids, :multiple => true, :references => Category do
  text :categories do |p|

searchable do
  text :name
  integer :id

which gives me a

undefined method `categories' for #<Sunspot::DSL::Search:0x5d7d208>

How do the searchable blocks have to be altered? Thank you very much in advance!

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ok, there was a mistake in my controller-syntax. has-many-through-relationships are just the same as has-many-relationships in sunspot.

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