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We just got cool new workstations - 8 GB, 24 inches screens, Vista x64 and a lot of power -- I just love it !

But we are facing some really annoying problems : BSODs ! We found out that the instant you install Kaspersky MP4 on a workstation, you can get BSOD while debugging ASPX pages. You can get one BSOD in a week or three in an hour...

Those who :

  1. Don't have Kaspersky
  2. Don't debug ASPX pages
  3. Don't work...

do not got BSOD.

Note : We use usually use IE8 but it also have happened in Firefox.

Now, the problem is : with all those BSOD, our IT department is on the way to replace Vista x64 with XP 32... Bye bye RAM ! I do not want that, of course, so if anyone have a hint...

Thanks !

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Looks like Kaspersky knows about the issue, but they don't have a fix yet. Please see the article in the Kaspersky support site.

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It may apply... I will send them some memory dump :). By the way, we never add any problem with virus in 10 years but a lot with anti-virus :) Thanks for your answer nithins. –  SRO Nov 10 '09 at 23:27

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