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Magnific Popup

I use Magnific Popup, a jQuery lightbox like plugin. I try to use the built in object to get an attribute.

It does not work the way I thought it would. I've read the API here:

What I tried so far

I get the object in the console but I can't get an attribute from it. (the jquery ready looks a bit different (alias) because it's used in WordPress)

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
            callbacks: {
                open: function() {
                    var magnificPopup = $.magnificPopup.instance;
                    window.location.hash = $(magnificPopup.currItem).attr('data-slug');
<a href="" data-slug="my-slug">

Own thougts

  • This is not an object like $(this) and will not work the same?
  • I call it the wrong way?
  • I use the wrong object for this problem?


How is it done correctly?

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currItem is a Magnific Popup data object, it's not a DOM element. This object contains data about opened element - image path, flags if it's loaded or not e.t.c.

You can access DOM element that opened popup via $.magnificPopup.instance.currItem.el.

Also, if you're executing the code from open callback, you can use this instead of $.magnificPopup.instance:

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After publishing my post I found a related post that solved this problem:

Magnific popup: Get current element in callback

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