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Every time I click-and-drag a UILabel to storyboard, and then add text to Text field, the text is cut off, so I then have to click-and-drag the UILabel to stretch it big enough so that the text appears.

I can't figure out how to make the UILabel automatically get big enough to fit the text.

This would save time while designing new views.

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On any element in Interface Builder you can select the element and hit...

Editor > Size to Fit Content (keyboard shortcut: Cmd =)

This will do a "sizeToFit" on the selected element. Labels will fit their text size, image view will resize to the image size, etc...

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Starting with iOS 6, there's a new API, available in Interface Builder as well called 'Auto Layout'. You can specify some contraints and UIKit will resize / move your views based on those contraints. If you don't want to use Autolayout you can use the autoresizeMask property of UIViews (which is settable in Interface Builder as well).

Check out the Autolayout Guide!

To resize the views in Interface Builder as you build them, see the reply from @Fogmeister

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