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Im trying to override another extensions controller.


                        <Blizzardlabs_Adminhtmlext before="Magestore_Affiliateplus">Blizzardlabs_Adminhtmlext</Blizzardlabs_Adminhtmlext>                        


include_once 'Magestore/Affiliateplus/controllers/Adminhtml/AccountController.php';

class Blizzardlabs_Adminhtmlext_Adminhtml_AccountController extends Magestore_Affiliateplus_Adminhtml_AccountController
    public function editAction() {

Yet when i go to the page that calls the code its not picking up my die()...please help!!

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Hi Bill Garrison. I know it's been a while. How did you go with this problem? Did you manage to solve the problem? Because I am actually having the exact same problem as well and would like to know if there was indeed a solution to solve it. Cheers. –  koramaiku May 14 at 23:28
I'm sorry, if I figure out my issue I try and post it up here so if there is nothing it means I found nothing and went a different way. To be honest I can't remember which way I went with this so I apologize. Hope you have better luck then I did. –  Bill Garrison May 15 at 3:26

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