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I use CakePHP (v2) Shell to execute a process behind my online application. This Shell is part of a Plugin, so stored in:


I used 2 different dev servers, and everything goes well with the execution of this Shell.

Unfortunately, the execution fails on my production environment.

On a Unix terminal, if I try manually to execute the command below, it fails:

# app/Console/cake MyPlugin.MyScript helloworldfunction [params1, paramsN] -app app
PHP Fatal error:  Class 'Controller' not found in /var/www/app/Controller/AppController.php on line 6

In an other side, if I execute the same command line with a "sudo -u {a-unix-user} {command}", the execution works! Here are 2 examples which work:

# sudo -u www-data app/Console/cake MyPlugin.MyScript helloworldfunction [params1, paramsN] -app app
# sudo -u root app/Console/cake MyPlugin.MyScript helloworldfunction [params1, paramsN] -app app

Ok, so noticing this behavior, I thought about a unix rights issue or something like this. I decided, as a new test, to grant a unix session of www-data in my termina to execute the same command, but without the "sudo -u {a-unix-user} {command}" directive. Unfortunately, this fails too:

# sudo su www-data
www-data# whoami
www-data# app/Console/cake MyPlugin.MyScript helloworldfunction [params1, paramsN] -app app
PHP Fatal error:  Class 'Controller' not found in /var/www/app/Controller/AppController.php on line 6

So here is a summary of the problem I'm occurring right now… Any idea how to solve this weird behavior?


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Is the production environment on linux and dev on windows? Or rather are the development files on a case insensitive filesystem on the development environment? – Orangepill Jun 14 '13 at 17:14
No, all my env are Unix based. I posted below my own answer explaining how I solve this issue. Just a sym link caused my pain! ;) – Nassim Jun 17 '13 at 16:11

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Ok, so no one found how to help, but I did it myself ;)

For those experiencing a such behavior, I would recommend you to verify the system PATHS set as variable into your code. In my case, into bootstrap.php, I've a WWW_PATH define which contains the local path to reach the base of the code directory.

define('WWW_PATH', '/home/foo/www-prod/www/');

In reality, my code directory is located under /var/www-prod/www/, and /home/foo/www-prod is just a unix symbolic link.

It seems that CakePhp Shell cannot load properly ressource with a BASE_DIR using a symbolic link, because after altering my code without this symbolic link into the path, it worked!

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