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I'm trying building an App with AngularJS and Firebase - any one have tried? I'm following this and using the fist method (implicit sync.) to synchronise my models with Firebase. In my app I want to have two db/json files (Firebase Url) (kind of stuff) one for users and one for votes.

So I did :

var url = '';
var promise = angularFire(url, $scope, 'votes', []);

promise.then(function() {
  $scope.removeVotes = function() { 
    $scope.votes.splice($scope.toRemove, 1); 
    $scope.toRemove = null;

//then I push my votes with a function
$scope.addVote = function() {
    motivation:$scope.voteMotivation, date:today 

and this works fine I can see my votes in the html rendered with my

<li ng-repeat="vote in votes">

ok so I did same thing for users:

var url1 = '';
var promise1 = angularFire(url1, $scope, 'users', []);

promise1.then(function() {
    name: user.username, 
    pic: user.profile_image_url
  $scope.removeUser = function() {
    $scope.users.splice($scope.toRemove, 1);
    $scope.toRemove = null;

Now I can see my users rendered in my html markup with

<li ng-repeat="user in users"> 

but that s no trace of my data at

Any ideas why?

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hello @Alex, i m also trying to build basic app on angular-firebase. but i got problem while deleting json object. for ex. let's say in ur above code $scope.users.splice($scope.toRemove, 1); this statement will remove data from frontend but is it also delete same record from firebase ? if yes then here is my question please help me to figure out this issue.… – Jaydipsinh Sep 24 '13 at 4:56
In the code you have '', but you're checking '' - are you sure you're seeing the same URL in both places? – Anant Jan 6 '14 at 19:00
how don't remember how but I solve this out - thanks – AlexG_1010100101 Jan 7 '14 at 9:13

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