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I have a script that uses pdf-reader among other gems to parse and split up a large pdf file into multiple pdfs. I have been setting it up to run on a new machine, and am now getting this error when I try to run tests:

Failure/Error: SrnProcessor.process_main_pdf(main_pdf_path)
Unknown glyph width for 9 Helvetica

I saw that a couple other people are having this issue over here: But no workarounds yet. It seems to me that this must be an issue with my setup and not the gem or the pdf, since on other machines I don't have any problems. I'm running ruby 1.9.3 on linux (Mageia 3 64bit), and have tried switching to multiple versions of the gem with no luck. Any suggestions on what I'm missing? Thanks!

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Can you provide a sample PDF illustrating the issue. – mkl Jun 14 '13 at 21:06

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