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I need to get client ip and uri he/she requested in ngnix by ngx_http_request_t struct in nginx module.

as you know nginx module write like following code

ngx_http_sql_handler(ngx_http_request_t *r){//Code Here}

how can I get ip and uri from r,how can I do it?

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A ngx_http_request_t is a typedef for ngx_http_request_s. See http://lxr.nginx.org/source/src/http/ngx_http.h#0016.

It looks as follows (from http://lxr.nginx.org/source/src/http/ngx_http_request.h#0358):

0358 struct ngx_http_request_s {
0359     uint32_t                          signature;         /* "HTTP" */
0361     ngx_connection_t                 *connection;
0363     void                            **ctx;
0364     void                            **main_conf;
0365     void                            **srv_conf;
0366     void                            **loc_conf;
0368     ngx_http_event_handler_pt         read_event_handler;
0369     ngx_http_event_handler_pt         write_event_handler;
0394     ngx_str_t                         request_line;
0395     ngx_str_t                         uri;
0396     ngx_str_t                         args;
0397     ngx_str_t                         exten;
0398     ngx_str_t                         unparsed_uri;

ngx_connection_t is a ngx_connection_s, and you can find its definition at http://lxr.nginx.org/source/src/core/ngx_connection.h#0117.

The ngx_connection_t has a ngx_socket_t. Once you have the socket, you can get the IP from sin_addr.s_addr.

The URI is available as just an nginx string.

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