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Im developing for an android aplication and I need to run a thread in the background that is going to be check the current gps and show an activity depending of the current location data but the application have diferents activities, and I need this thread running all the time no matter if I change between an activity and other. Can I do that ? I know that I can add threads to an activity but I dont know how have a main thread in the background

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Ever heard about Android Services – mjosh Jun 14 '13 at 21:29
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You need to use a Service which is not tied to any particular Activity. You can read all about Services here

In your case I ssuggest you take a look at IntentService which automatically generates a background thread for you

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You want to use a service here:

You can run things in a background thread if you want in the service. And then you can bind to it within your activites to communicate between the service and activities.

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