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I just created my first multithreaded program, and it is not working. The following is the smallest complete program I could come up with that portrays what I am trying to do.

Essentially, I created: a delegate that takes no arguments and returns a string; three methods (FirstMessage, SecondMessage, and ThirdMessage) that match the method signature of the aforementioned delegate; and an event of this delegate's type that contains the three methods.

Finally, I created a method Start that asynchronously runs each method in the event and displays their returned values. However, the program is outputting nothing. Am I misunderstanding something?

Here is the code:

using System;

class Program
    delegate string Message();
    static event Message MyMessage;

    static string FirstMessage()
        return "Message 1";
    static string SecondMessage()
        return "Message 2";
    static string ThirdMessage()
        return "Message 3";

    static void Start()
        foreach (Message m1 in MyMessage.GetInvocationList())
            Message m2 = m1;
            m1.BeginInvoke(delegate(IAsyncResult result)
                string msg = m2.EndInvoke(result);
                Console.WriteLine("The message is " + msg + ".");
            }, null);

    static void Main()
        MyMessage += FirstMessage;
        MyMessage += SecondMessage;
        MyMessage += ThirdMessage;


Thanks in advance!

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One likely reason for this is that your program doesn't wait for the background tasks to complete before terminating.

You need to add some way for your Main method to wait for all background tasks to complete.

For the sake of troubleshooting, try just adding this after the call to Start:


If that makes the messages appear, then this is the reason.

Exactly how to solve this, that I don't know, as the code in the question is too contrived to fix.

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I now understand; this worked! –  Junior Programmer Jun 14 '13 at 21:12

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