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I just can't figure out what's wrong with this...

#!/usr/bin/env python

from __future__ import division

# No Module!
if __name__ != '__main__': 
    print " is not meant to be a module"

# App
import pygame, sys, random, math

# Configuration Vars
conf = {
    "start_energy": 50, 
    "food_energy": 25, 
    "mate_minenergy": 50, 
    "mate_useenergy": 35, 
    "lifespan": 300000

class Bugs:
    def __init__(self):
        self.list  = []
        self.timers= {}
        # Names / colors for sexes = ["Male", "Female"]
        self.color = ["#CBCB25", "#A52A2A"]
        # Bug info tracking
        self.bugid = 0
        self.buginfo = {"maxgen":0, "maxspeed":0}

    def new(self, x=False, y=False, sex=2, speed=0, generation=0, genes=[]):
        sex   = sex   if not sex   == 2 else random.randint(0,1)
        speed = speed if not speed == 0 else random.randint(1,3)
        # Create new bug object
        self.bugs.append(BugObj(sex, speed, generation, bugid, pygame.time.get_ticks, genes))
        # Make sure it has a timer
        if not self.timers[speed]:
            self.timers[speed] = 1
            pygame.time.set_timer(25 + speed, 1000 / speed)
        # Update info tracking variables
        if speed      > self.buginfo["maxspeed"]: self.buginfo["maxspeed"] = speed
        if generation > self.buginfo["maxgen"]  : self.buginfo["maxgen"]   = generation
        self.bugid += 1

    def speed_count(self, speed):
        a = 0
        for i in list[:]:
            if i.speed = speed:
                a += 1
        return a

class BugObj:
    def __init__(self, sex, speed, generation, bugid, born, genes):
        global conf        = sex
        self.speed      = speed
        self.generation = generation         = bugid
        self.born       = born
        self.genes      = genes
        self.died       = -1     = conf["start_energy"]     = "None"

    def update(self):
        global conf
        if self.age() > conf["lifespan"]:
            f = closest_food()
            m = closest_mate()
            # If there's a potential mate
            if m != 0 and > conf["mate_minenergy"]:
                if not self.rect.colliderect(m.rect):
           = "Mate: " + str(
                    Bugs.mate(self, m)
           = "Mate: (Reached)"
            elif f != 0:
                if not self.rect.colliderect(f.rect):
           = "Food: " + str(
           = "Food: (Reached)"
       = "Resting"
            # Use energy
   -= 0

    def closest_food(self):

    def closest_mate(self):

    def age(self):
        if self.died != -1:
            return pygame.time.get_ticks - self.born
            return self.died - self.born

    def die(self):
        # Remove self from the list
        # Turn off timer
        if not Bugs.speed_count(self.speed):
            Bugs.timers[self.speed] = 0
            pygame.time.timers(25 + self.speed, 0)
        # Bye!
        del self

class Food:
    def __init__(self)

    def update(self)

# Update Loop
while 1:
    ev = pygame.event.wait()
    speed = ev.type - 25
    if speed > 24:
        for i in Bugs.list[:]:
            if i.speed = speed
                print "Updating bug #" + str(
    if speed == 0:

I get the following every time:

  File "" line 53
    def new(self, x=False, y=False, sex=2, speed=0, generation=0, genes=[]):
Indentation Error: unindent does not match any outer indentation level
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Nothing apparent to the eye. As suggested in responses, probably a matter of mixed tabs/spaces. Or something from the Gods, unhappy about ALife projects ;-) – mjv Nov 10 '09 at 22:45
this is not the code you're running. you don't have def new on line 53 (it's on line 37), this posted code produces SyntaxError on line 54. – SilentGhost Nov 10 '09 at 23:03

It's possible that you have mixed tabs and spaces in your file. You can have python help check for such errors with

python -m tabnanny <name of python file>
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I've tried that, got 31 ' = ["Male", "Female"]\n' checked the tabs/spacing and it seems to be fine – Rob Nov 10 '09 at 22:53
@Rob: If you got an error, then "seems to be fine" is a judgement that might be incorrect. Replaces all tabs with spaces. – S.Lott Nov 11 '09 at 0:22
Never heard of tabnanny, good tip – Steven Graham Nov 11 '09 at 0:38
@S.Lott - By "it seems to be fine" I meant I did that about 4 times before posting here on any lines that tabnanny gave me. It never returned any of the lines that actually had the problems. – Rob Nov 11 '09 at 3:41
very helpful for python beignner – andyqee May 30 '13 at 7:03

You probably have a mixture of spaces and tabs in your original source file. Replace all the tabs with four spaces (or vice versa) and you should see the problem straight away.

Your code as pasted into your question doesn't have this problem, but I guess your editor (or your web browser, or Stack Overflow itself...) could have done the tabs-to-spaces conversion without your knowledge.

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that was strange, I finally went and found a tab character to put in find & replace and it found 4 tabs thrown randomly around in my code. Thanks – Rob Nov 10 '09 at 22:58
And this is just one reason I find significant whitespace a really bad idea. – Svante Nov 10 '09 at 23:29
I think the problem is allowing tab=n spaces in the language. You're fighting a lost battle if you fight significant whitespace, and there's a good reason for that. – chrispy Nov 11 '09 at 23:30

Don't forget the use of """ comments. These need precise indentation too (a 1/2 hr job for me resolving this damn error too!)

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I am using gedit basic version that comes with Ubuntu 11.10. I had the same error. This is mainly caused when you mix spaces with tabs.

A good way to differentiate as to which lines have problem would be to go to: 1. edit 2. preferences 3. editor 4. check "automatic indentation" 5. increase the indentation to 12 or some big number

after doing the fifth step you will be able to see the lines of your code that are relly causing problem (these are the lines that have a mix of space and tab)

Make the entire code convention as just TAB or just SPACE (this has to be done manually line by line)

Hope this helps...

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Yes, my code only works with TAB, but not SPACE. Really make sense :) – Nezneika Mar 7 '13 at 7:40

I would recommend checking your indentation levels all the way through. Make sure that you are using either tabs all the way or spaces all the way, with no mixture. I have had odd indentation problems in the past which have been caused by a mixture.

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Maybe it's this part:

if speed      > self.buginfo["maxspeed"]: self.buginfo["maxspeed"] = speed
if generation > self.buginfo["maxgen"]  : self.buginfo["maxgen"]   = generation

Try to remove the extra space to make it look aligned.

Edit: from pep8


      x = 1
      y = 2
      long_variable = 3


      x             = 1
      y             = 2
      long_variable = 3

Try to follow that coding style.

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Besides, you have a lot of if i = x, it should be if i == x. And you missed some ":" at the end of some method – Loïc Wolff Nov 10 '09 at 22:49
I know, I'm somewhat sloppy and just catch it all later when I test :) – Rob Nov 10 '09 at 22:59
I looked through the code and I don't see if i = x anywhere. And if i = x shouldn't even work in Python! The compiler won't even let you do that! @dex, which line(s) are you talking about? – steveha Nov 11 '09 at 0:54
he wasn't putting in the actual variable names, don't worry it's in there... – Rob Nov 11 '09 at 3:38

Sorry I can't add comments as my reputation is not high enough :-/, so this will have to be an answer.

As several have commented, the code you have posted contains several (5) syntax errors (twice = instead of == and three ':' missing).

Once the syntax errors corrected I do not have any issue, be it indentation or else; of course it's impossible to see if you have mixed tabs and spaces as somebody else has suggested, which is likely your problem.

But the real point I wanted to underline is that: tabnanny IS NOT REALIABLE: you might be getting an 'indentation' error when it's actually just a syntax error.

Eg. I got it when I had added one closed parenthesis more than necessary ;-)

i += [func(a, b, [c] if True else None))]

would provoke a warning from tabnanny for the next line.

Hope this helps!

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Geany has an option in its menus that says 'Apply Default Intendation' which replaces tabs by the number of spaces if specified in Geany's settings

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IDLE TO VISUAL STUDIO USERS: I ran into this problem as well when moving code directly from IDLE to Visual Studio. When you press tab IDLE adds 4 spaces instead of a tab. In IDLE, hit Ctl+A to select all of the code and go to Format>Tabify Region. Now move the code to visual studio and most errors should be fixed. Every so often there will be code that is off-tab, just fix it manually.

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