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Is it possible to override the auto-indentation of comments in VB.NET (Using visual studio 2008)?

Please see the comment above the second Case Statement in the code below for context.

The IDE auto-indents the comment beyond the following Case Statement. I would like to override this behavior and bring it in line with the C in Case that follows.

Select Case E.Type

    'General Events
    Case EventType.General_StartServer
        'Initialize the Server Brain (ME)
        GLOBAL__I_AM_THE_SERVER = True

        'Server Alerts
    Case EventType.ServerAlert_Chat
        EventManager.SendEventToAllClients(New GameEvent(EventType.ClientAlert_Chat, 0, 0, 0, E.Str))

End Select
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While you can completely turn off the reformatting, I bet that isn't the solution you had in mind.

Personally, in the given code, I put my comments pertaining to the case underneath it.

Select Case E.Type
    Case EventType.General_StartServer
        ' The server has started, so we need to do blah.

    Case EventType.ServerAlert_Chat
        ' A chat has sent a server alert, so do blah.
End Select
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I think you're looking for this in the menu:

Tools->Options->Text Editor->Basic->VB Specific->Pretty listing (reformatting) of code

From MSDN:

Pretty Listing (reformatting) of code

The text editor reformats your code as appropriate. When this option is selected, the code editor will:

  • Align your code to the correct tab position
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I'm happy with where it places the code, just not a few of the comments. Am I out of luck? –  George W Bush Nov 10 '09 at 23:13
Other than adapting to put the comments after the case statement like @Jason suggests, I think so. Alternatively, tools like Resharper will allow you to customize a lot of those reformatting options very granularly and might work for you. –  BQ. Nov 10 '09 at 23:29

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