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I have process id in a file "pid" I'd like to kill it.

Something like:

kill -9 <read pid from file>

I tried:

kill -9 `more pid`

but it does not work. I also tried xargs but can't get my head around it.

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I think it's the more bit that is killing it b/c more might be expecting user input. –  BCS Nov 10 '09 at 22:59

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kill -9 $(cat pid)

work for you?

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+1. I prefer the $() method over backticks, since you can nest them. –  paxdiablo Nov 10 '09 at 22:54
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Let me summarize all answers

kill -9 $(cat pid)
kill -9 `cat pid`
cat pid | xargs kill -9
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my preference is

kill -9 `cat pid`

that will work for any command in the backticks.

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kill -9 $(cat pid) or cat pid | xargs kill -9 will both work

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You should be starting off gradually and then move up to the heavy stuff to kill the process if it doesn't want to play nicely.

A SIGKILL (-9) signal can't be caught and that will mean that any resources being held by the process won't be cleaned up.

Try using a kill SIGTERM (-15) first and then check for the presence of the process still by doing a kill -0 $(cat pid). If it is still hanging around, then by all means clobber it with -9.

SIGTERM can be caught by a process and any process that has been properly written should have a signal handler to catch the SIGTERM and then clean up its resources before exiting.


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