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Are there any packages/functions in R that allow users to apply functions to matrices?

For example the Taylor expansion of the matrix M when the exponential function is applied is exp(M)=1+M+M^2+M^3+...

Now let:


But if I were to input the command exp(M) in R, it would just give me the matrix: matrix(c(exp(1),exp(2),exp(3),exp(4)),nrow=2)

This is not what I want. Does anyone know if it is possible to apply matrix functions in R?

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e.g. library("sos"); findFn("{matrix exponential}"). There's an expm function in the Matrix package and I believe also a dedicated expm package. One or the other of those also have a matrix logarithm. I don't think there's a safe or useful way of generically applying nonlinear functions to matrices; what specifically are you looking for? (The matrix "square root" is not uniquely defined, although the Cholesky decomposition is probably the most common version ...) –  Ben Bolker Jun 14 '13 at 23:43
Thanks. I have a feeling that I didn't need to find the function of the matrix after all. My problem is that I have to find the solution to a fixed point equation involving matrices that is very complicated. If it is that difficult to get the function of a matrix, then it probably is not the correct method to go about it. –  user22119 Jun 14 '13 at 23:53

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