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I am trying to implement the linear Regression curve mentioned at this link in R and need help.

Link: Linear Regression Curve

I found the following ThinkScript code that implements what I am looking for. Any help in converting it to R?

script inertiaTS {
    input y = close;
    input n = 20;
    rec x = x[1] + 1;
    def a = (n * Sum(x * y, n) - Sum(x, n) * Sum(y, n) ) / ( n * Sum(Sqr(x), n) - Sqr(Sum(x, n)));
    def b = (Sum(Sqr(x), n) * Sum(y, n) - Sum(x, n) * Sum(x * y, n) ) / ( n * Sum(Sqr(x), n) - Sqr(Sum(x, n)));
    plot InertiaTS = a * x + b;

Here is what I have so far..

Sqr <- function(x) {
return (x^2)

inertiaTS <- function(y, n) {
    x <- x + 1;
    a <- (n * rollapply( x*y, n, sum) - rollapply( x, n, sum ) * rollapply( y, n, sum )) / ( n * rollapply( Sqr(x), n, sum ) - Sqr(rollapply( x, n, sum )))
    b <- (rollapply( Sqr(x), n, sum) * rollapply( y, n, sum ) - rollapply( x, n, sum ) * rollapply( x*y, n, sum ) ) / ( n * rollapply( Sqr(x), n, sum ) - Sqr

(rollapply( x, n, sum )))
    return (a * x + b)

When I make a call to the function with

lrc <- inertiaTS(Cl(stockData$AAPL), 20)

I get the following error. Any help with this?

Error in seq.default(, NROW(data), by = by) : wrong sign in 'by' argument


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What is x and where is it defined? x appears to be used in inertiaTS before Sqr is called. Is the equation for b cutoff? Consider providing a reproducible example with a small data set. Is rollapply from the zoo package? – Mark Miller Jun 15 '13 at 7:22
Here is what I am trying to do. See the link Below for explanation. Linear Regression Moving Average Given a Price Data series and the length, I would like to calculate the Linear Regression Lines and connect all the mid points of the lines so that it forms a moving average. This Linear Regression Moving Average reduces tha lag. – Cyber Student Aug 31 '13 at 0:00
You did not answer any of my questions or respond to any of my suggestions. Looking at the post again, I suspect (rollapply( x, n, sum ))) is supposed to be a continuation of b. – Mark Miller Aug 31 '13 at 0:14

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