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I've been a Web Applications programmer for over a decade.. but this is my FIRST relationship with RFID and NFC stuffs lol

basically, i want to enable RFID/NFC reading and writing in my web applications.

i've done quite a lot of reading in terms of how RFID/NFC operates, the differences, the frequencies, etc.. but i can't quite get the grasp the integration w/ web applications .. there's a lot of SDK and stuff but non PHP/JS..

basically my ideal setup is like this:

1) Rfid / NFC reader/writer connected to a PC/Server w/ WAMP installed (Serves as web server at the same time)

2) Reader sends values to a PHP script via GET/POST whenever it scans.. (i can take care of the rest from there

3) PHP sends values to the RFID via GET/Post (?) for writing data.

Is this even possible? I was kinda hoping there are READERS/WRITERS available that can do this out of the box.. is there?

I know that there are READERS that act like a regular keyboard input, but requires text field focus , that i can not guarantee.. as i will be needing LONG RANGE constant reading (kinda like maintaining information of WHO IS IN THE ROOM)

So I guess my question is, can you lead me to the right hardware, perhaps ready made Opensource/paid SDK or libraries that can RFID enable my existing PHP/MySQL application? Or tell me NO! it can't be done.. and i'll be on my merry way. :P

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you'll need a software layer between #1 and #2... If you're running this on the actual server, I don't see why you'd want to send HTTP requests - you can do it all with direct calls to a php script. –  Sam Dufel Jun 15 '13 at 0:46
yes, if there isnt a hardware already made to do this INTER-RACIAL communication (lol) , software-layer is next best thing , and i would appreciate it if you can point me to that "software-layer" .. i've seen a lot of half-baked open source layers , some w/ arduino etc. but i need something solid and almost commercial ready. i dont want bug headaches later :( .. i want to completely forget bout the RFID side and focus on my side of things.. With regards to DIRECT CALL to php script, what do you mean? command line calls to php script? –  BrownChiLD Jun 15 '13 at 1:07
Yep, command line calls. The specifics of what software you can use to interface with the reader are going to vary based on which one you pick out, though. –  Sam Dufel Jun 15 '13 at 4:22
@SamDufel thank you sam... ok so can you at least recommend for me w/c RFID reader/writer to go with? perhaps w/ some sort of driver/software bundle that can do this command line calls? –  BrownChiLD Jun 18 '13 at 2:34

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