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I would like to push single files up from a plain Web Site project (not Web App), like you can in Sublime Text 2 (plugin) with CTRL+SHIFT+U.

Supposedly this is now available as a context-menu option with the 2012.2 update, but even though the shortcut chord ALT+P, ALT+P shows in the customize keyboard settings, it's not available in the context menu.

Full scenario -- attempting to push PHP files to a LAMP stack via FTP (assume same as static img/js/css files), editing PHP with this PHP extension. I've already configured the Publish Profile with the correct FTP credentials; I have successfully tested a full "Publish Web Site" on the project, so I don't understand why the context menu options aren't showing.

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Seems that I can at least get the context-menu options if I create a Web Deploy profile (just save, not perform). But trying to publish it individually just hangs on the "preparing to publish files" step. –  drzaus Jun 15 '13 at 3:11

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