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we have used bunch of jar files in our maven spring application. Now my task is to

1. Find libraries used in our application in java.
2. then find jar file name, jar vendor, major version and minor version of jar for those used libraries in java.

fist one i,e Find libraries used in our application i did through j depend. now i have to do second task. I serached
stack overflow "Find a class somewhere inside dozens of JAR files?" and other web search but couldn't able to achieve. can any one suggest me the way to do.

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The Maven pom.xml and its dependent .xml files can give you all the JAR files and preferably their versions too. From there it's just a question of extracting the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file to get the internal versioning of each file. You can do that with the jar tool.

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I tried for using Jar tool but thing i didn't get is how to search for specific package in that there any code sample to discribe this – user2215139 Jun 15 '13 at 5:38

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