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I'm getting error Notice: Undefined index: q_id in D:\pinnaclequizsoft\USBWebserver v8_en\root\test.php on line 21 Notice: Undefined index: option in D:\pinnaclequizsoft\USBWebserver v8_en\root\test.php on line 22

Can anyone tell me where I'm doing wrong ? here's my code

$link = mysql_connect('localhost', 'root', 'usbw');
if (!$link) {die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());}
$select = mysql_select_db("quiz",$link);

if (!$select)
    die('Could not Connect to Database');

$perpage = 1;

    $start = $_GET['id'];
    $start = 0;

$id= $_POST['q_id'];
$value = $_POST['option'];

$sql = "INSERT INTO ans "."(ques_id, ans_s) "."VALUES('$id','$value')";
$retval = mysql_query( $sql, $link );
if(! $retval )
  die('Could not enter data: ' . mysql_error());
echo "Entered data successfully\n";

$TotalRec = mysql_num_rows(mysql_query("SELECT * FROM ques_bank"));

$select = "SELECT * FROM ques_bank LIMIT $start, $perpage";
$result = mysql_query($select) or die(mysql_error());
$rows = mysql_fetch_array($result);
<form action="test.php?id=<?php echo ($start + 1); ?>" method="post">
<?php echo $rows['id'].". ". $rows['ques']; ?> <br>
<input type="radio" name="option" value="a"><?php echo $rows['optionA']; ?><br>
<input type="radio" name="option" value="b"><?php echo $rows['optionB']; ?><br>
<input type="radio" name="option" value="c"><?php echo $rows['optionC']; ?><br>
<input type="radio" name="option" value="d"><?php echo $rows['optionD']; ?><br>
<input type="radio" name="option" value="e"><?php echo $rows['optionE']; ?><br>
<input type="hidden" value="<?php echo $rows['id'] ?>" name="q_id">

if($start == 0){
    echo "Previous &laquo;";
    echo "<a href=\"./test.php?id=" . ($start - 1) . "\">Previous &laquo;</a>";

echo "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;";
if($start == $TotalRec-1){
    echo "Next &raquo;";
    echo "<a href=\"./test.php?id=" . ($start + 1) . "\">Next &raquo;</a>"; ?>
    <input type='Submit' value='SUBMIT & NEXT' name="next">
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did u pass q_id in url as query string....? –  Dinesh Jun 15 '13 at 6:05
check this stackoverflow.com/q/12859942/1723893 –  NullPoiиteя Jun 15 '13 at 6:08

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You need to initialize q_id

   $id= $_POST['q_id'];

Do print_r($sql) or print_r($_POST)to see if q_id is passed

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Thank You ! Got the solution to my answer ! –  Shishirumrao Jun 15 '13 at 6:31

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