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I've got a Joomla 1.5 (with Chronoform v3) website to edit. But I'm stuck with email sending. Even, from my mass-mail option, email is not being sent to the users, where I'm able to PM to only admin(myself).

For "Mailer: PHP Mail Function", I'm getting "Could not instantiate mail function."

For "Mailer: SMTP Server", the page, supposed to load after email sending, loads as a blank page.

For this real server-site, the global configs. till used are the following combinations:

Mailer: SMTP Server | PHP Mail Function | Sendmail
Mail From: admin@mydomain.com | my_gmail_username@gmail.com
From Name: Admin_LP
Sendmail Path: /usr/sbin/sendmail
SMTP Authentication: No | Yes
SMTP Security: None | TLS | SSL
SMTP Port: 25 | 26 | 465 | 587
SMTP Username: admin@ | @gmail.com
SMTP Password: ** (respective email password)
SMTP Host: localhost | smtp.gmail.com

I've tried all possible combination found for the past 3 days and gone frustrated.

What should be the config. or what am I missing about sending mail?

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I have solved my issue - the problem was with the hosting server! That server was Windows OS based which don't have PHP Mail Function activated and also the php.ini was not writable since it was a shared server.

So, I finally changed my server to a Linux based one, which also has cPanel facility. Now all are working as expected.

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There are some settings you've missed apparently - or perhaps there is something going on with your host?

I found this joomla forum post that describes it a little bit.

I also found this other website for 1.5

The OTHER thing to do - is to go to gmail and find how to set it up in outlook, then use those same settings in Joomla. Here is a small help page about troubleshooting some settings.

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I had tried the 1st 2 links before you provided, but all the same. The 3rd link's suggestions seem to be perfect in my case ... But yes, there may be some issue with my host, since it may have gone through several other edits before me ... Can you please suggest what may be the issue when using Gmail SMTP server settings loads a blank page always after a mail is sent? –  Touhid Jun 18 '13 at 8:02
It could be the site template too - are you using the default template? If not, try loading the default template then sending an email through the site. It should load the default "your email has been sent" text on the site. If that doesn't happen using the default template, something else is going on and we'll have to dig further. –  Hanny Jun 18 '13 at 12:11
It isn't the default template, but I'm afraid that loading the default template might cause more havoc. My issue matches more with this case as the site is not sending emails to visitors, but it does send an email automatically when an user is registered by the admin. I'm now trying to go through the error logs. I'll notify here when I can get the actual error or, with a bit of luck, the solution. NB: Meanwhile, I've been able to send all types of emails using phpMailer class. –  Touhid Jun 18 '13 at 20:09
Well, if you know the template structure in Joomla, just make sure there is nothing overriding that email and you should be okay. Usually when troubleshooting with Joomla issues that may be core related, best bet is to start with the default template. I've seen that take things from not-working to working in a flash. Then you know it's something template related and can begin diving in that direction. There are lots of users out there who use gmail as their SMTP - so make sure all appropriate things are setup on gmails side as well! –  Hanny Jun 19 '13 at 12:03

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