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I played a bit with strace and ltrace These are wonderful tools. Is there any tool that does the same with the functions of my applications?

I am aware of system tap and ftrace but these require the debug version of the kernel that is something I cant' install at the moment. I don't need kernel or system calls tracing.

I really need something like strace able to discriminate also across thread and display functions per threads.

Do I really have to implement that by using -finstrument-functions and provide a printf of the function that is called?

 THREAD ID A  function #1
 THREAD ID B  function #2
 THREAD ID A  function #3
 THREAD ID A  function #4
 THREAD ID C  function #5

I read this post as reference

Tool to trace local function calls in Linux

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Yes, profiling is the only way to do this.

All you will get is the function address, which you can map again to its name by dladdr() API.

All the best!!!!

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